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Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Infant Convertible Car Seat

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Infant Convertible Car Seat

Finding that perfect convertible car seat for your infant or toddler can be quite a hassle but not anymore. Peg Perego is here with the Peg Perego Premium Infant to Toddler Convertible Car Seat. Also known as the Primo Viaggio, this seat has been engineered using the latest technology for maximum comfort and safety. It has been crafted using high grade materials to offer the best in class service for the longest time. Here is a detailed review of the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Infant Convertible Car Seat.



The Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Infant Convertible Car Seat is ideal for a wide range of ages and weight. Unlike most similar seats in this range, the Peg Perego is ideal for children weighing between 5 and 70 pounds. This is as long as the child is not taller than 49 inches. This seat is highly compatible with most cars so you don’t really need to worry about incompatibility issues.


This car seat sports a sleek and stylish design. It is lightweight thus enabling parents to carry it with ease. It can be installed on your car seat using either the LATCH connectors or the adult safety belt. Perhaps the biggest selling point, the Viaggio can hold a child’s weight up to 70 pounds in rear facing position.

This convertible car seat has been crafted with breathable Premium Fresco Jersey material that is very comfortable and most importantly, easy to clean. The Perego Premium also boasts of contoured steel back plates that minimize flexing and also reduces forward movement. This seat is available in six different color options.

FeaturesPeg Perego Primo Viaggio Infant Convertible Car Seat

    • Side Impact Protection SIP. This seat has the Side Impact Protection feature that guarantees the safety of the child’s neck and spine. You can easily adjust it to 10 different positions while the child is seated.
    • Energy Management System (EMS). The Perego comes with contoured steel back plates that work efficiently to reduce flexing and counters inertia. The system has steel pins that gather energy and channels it to the seat’s base thus reducing the stress on the child.
    •  Convertible. This seat also features a convertible design that allows parents adjust the seat’s angle to the child’s convenience.
    •  SAFE Technology (SAFE). The Viaggio also boasts of a shock absorbing feature that uses foam to reduce the impact on the child by collecting the energy.
    • EPS Foam Shell. This great feature also uses foam on the shell and head panel to also shield these parts from any impact.
    • Wide padded seating area. The seat comes with a wide seating area to accommodate the child. The padding enhances comfort.



The Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Infant Convertible Car Seat has a lot of advantages over its competitors. This is simply because of it top class features optimized to offer superior safety and comfort. Here are some of its advantages.

  • Highly portable because of its lightweight design
  • Best in class comfort
  • Top class safety courtesy of the SAFE, EPS and SIP features
  • Easy to install as you only need the LATCH connectors or the adult safety belt
  • Available in six color options
  • Enhanced durability courtesy of the high grade materials
  • Compatible with most cars
  • It is the longest extended rear facing convertible seat


Even though the Viaggio has quite a lot of pros, the price tag is quite high. It is the most expensive child car seat in the market. However, upon use, you will realize that it is a worthy purchase.


Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Infant Convertible Car SeatMarket Reception

This seat has received overwhelmingly high ratings and positive user reviews. Most customers praise it for its great features, weight, durability and comfort. It has actually scored 5 stars in most reviews. In fact, it is ranked among the best selling seat in its range by top sellers like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba.


Final Thoughts

If you want the perfect blend of style and performance, then the Peg Perego Viaggio is the perfect deal for you. Although it is quite expensive, it offers more for less. It has a wide range of safety features that make it a cut above the rest. Comfort was also on the manufacturer’s agenda when designing it. It offers enhanced comforts courtesy of the Fresco Jersey material. So, if you want the perfect car seat for your child, you know what to go for, the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Infant Convertible Car Seat. Get it today, or at least put it on your wish list and you will never regret it.