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RECARO Performance Racer Convertible Car Seat

RECARO Performance Racer Convertible Car Seat

Recaro GmbH & Co. KG, also know simply as Recaro is based in Germany and is known for their automotive bucket seats and racing-style seats.  Recaro also manufactures aircraft seats and child safety seats, one of which we are reviewing today.

Recaro proudly states that safety has been their number one priority for 100 years.  They realize that safety should not mean that your child is not comfortable, however, so they build their car seats with comfort in mind, as well as safety.  Features of their child safety seats include memory foam, CoolMesh air ventilation, temperature-balancing fabrics and a variety of fabric color options.  Recaro produces car seats that are designed to keep up with busy families and make kids happy!


The RECARO Performance Racer Convertible Car Seat offers comfort, convenience, and safety.  The features are racing-inspired, and include a high impact energy absorbing shell, full body Side Impact Protection, Integrated Anti-Rebound Protection, a foam headrest, the HERO Harness System and the Safety Stripe System.  The cup holders not only hold bottles and sippy cups, but they provide anti-rebound protection during a crash, and they have removable inserts.  They help absorb and distribute crash forces more effectively during impact, reducing the car seat’s rotation.  This car seat is German engineered yet built in the United States of America.


Great Safety Features

  • An energy absorbing seat effective at high impact.
  • Full Body Side Impact Protection.
  • Foam headrest which provides comfort and protection.
  • Safety Stripe System which is twist-preventing and racing-inspired.
  • Internationally tested for safety.


Awesome Comfort FeaturesRECARO Performance Racer Convertible Car Seat

  • No harness twisting due to the Safety Stripe System
  • Cloud Comfort Memory Foam
  • Temperature balancing fabrics which are luxurious and comfy.
  • Dual Air Flow Comfort System with CoolMesh and Built-in Shell Vents
  • Maximum comfort with the ergonomic shell structure.
  • Cushion insert which is removable.

Convenience That Parents and Caretakers Love

  • 5-point harness that is easy to adjust and needs no re-threading.
  • Adjustable headrest. The harness and headrest simultaneously adjust with the simple turn of a knob, and without the hassle of re-threading any straps!
  • Chest-clip storage pockets that keep harness out of way when not using.
  • The built-in LATCH system and universal top tether with storage.
  • Forward-facing TrueLock belt lock-off offers hassle-free installation.
  • Reclining options for rear-facing improves comfort and allows precise installation.



The Recaro Performance Racer Convertible Car Seat accommodates children up to 65 pounds.

  • Rear-Facing: 5-40 lbs, Seated Height less than 22.5”
  • Forward-Facing: 20-65 lbs. Standing Height less than 49”


You can use this car seat from birth until your child is old enough, or tall enough for a booster seat, so it will grow with your child, which means you’ll only need one car seat during your child’s younger years.


The RECARO Performance Racer Convertible Car Seat provides the perfect combination of comfort and safety, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your child is protected during each car ride, whether with you or with other caretakers.  Its racing-inspired safety features have been tested to International standards.

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